Thanks for buying from us! We really do value your business.  To make everything goes swimmingly here’s the small print:

Who are we? The Anglo-Colombian Emerald Emporium is based in Bogota, Colombia and is wholly owned by Ithaka International Ltd, registered in the United Kingdom.

What are the shipping conditions? We ship internationally, using plain labels, in secure packaging. Where we have to provide customs with a description of the contents we’ll use the scientific product name and commodity code. All shipments are tracked and must be signed for. If you have a “signature on file agreement” with your carrier you should call to suspend this or arrange your own shipment insurance as if the carrier claims the package has been delivered then that’s the end of their (and our) liability.  If your package looks like it has been opened you should check the contents before signing.

Do you charge tax? We don’t collect tax/VAT, but you may be liable to pay it directly to your local country and/or state authorities, which you should check.

Do you charge import duty? We don’t collect import duty, but you may be liable to pay it directly to your local country and/or state authorities, which you should check.  In many countries loose emeralds have 0% duty. We believe that 7103.91.0030 is the correct commodity code.  Here are some links that may be useful:

Do you accept returns? Absolutely!  We spend a lot of time and effort selecting and checking gemstones prior to purchase then making sure that each stone is certified and accurately described here, and we want you to be delighted with it.  So we’re happy to offer a 14 day, no questions asked, return policy.  And there’s even no restocking fee unless you’ve opened the interior security envelope in which case we have to charge for recertification. Our actual shipping and insurance charges are non-refundable and may differ from the amount you were charged. You’ll find the full details of the returns procedure here.

Is there a charge for a copy of the certificate? No, we include that at no additional cost to you!  We think emerald certification is vital, that many sellers don’t really know what they’re selling as they don’t have the microscopes and skills needed to verify their stones, and that sellers who won’t stand behind their products with proper certification processes are the Achilles heel of the industry.  We, therefore, include the printed and signed original certificate shown with every order.

Are the photographs accurate?  The photographs are taken by the assessing gemologist and do show the stone accurately. We don’t alter them in any way. However, as you can see in any TV store, every monitor tends to show a slightly different color and a slightly different brightness so, unless you’ve got your own monitor set up correctly (learn how to do that here), you should expect to see some slight differences in color, hue, and tone. Also, as the stones can be viewed much larger than in real life — larger even than with a 10x loupe! — you should expect inclusions to be much more visible in the photograph than in the stone itself.

Are your measurements (weight, size) accurate? The measurements are performed by the certification lab using accurate, digital equipment to a resolution of 0.01 mm/ 0.01 ct, but their accuracy will be a bit less than that.  We warranty that the size is accurate to better than + 0.05 mm and the weight to + 0.05 ct.

We’re visiting Bogota, Colombia, can we come to your store? We don’t have a retail premises in Bogota but we’re happy to deliver pre-paid orders to you in your hotel.

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